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Who we are?

GREEN KEEPER AFRICA developed the first African-made absorbent: Gksorb, a natural absorbent fiber made from water hyacinth, a hyper-absorbent allowing professionals to control leakage of polluting products. Green Keeper Africa is a Beninese company founded in 2014 by David GNONLONFOUN and Fohla MOUFTAOU. It specializes in the development of eco-responsible solutions to control industrial pollution. Green Keeper Africa’s environmental technologies aim both local and international markets. We offer high quality solutions and products based on the socio-economic and environmental impacts generated by our activity. The company’s flagship products are absorbent fibers for of oil pollution (GKSORB®) control and soil restoration solutions.

Our products
Featured products
Absorption Capacity
62 L
Size : 55 x 55 cm
Weight (Kg): N/A
Absorption Capacity
Entre 600 et 1200%
Size : 55 x 55 cm
Weight (Kg): 0,9
Absorption Capacity
10 – 12 Litres
Size : 58 x 30 cm
Weight (Kg): 1 Kg
Absorption Capacity
10 – 12 Litres
Size : 51 x 33 cm
Weight (Kg): 1,5 kg
GkSorb products
Our depollution services
Green Keeper Africa specializes in the prevention and management of...
Green Keeper Africa has developed a procedure for the remediation...
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