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The Enterprise
The Enterprise
Recherch and Developement
Recherch and Developement

Why R&D in Green Keeper Africa?

Water hyacinth is extremely invasive and difficult to eradicate. Green Keeper Africa values it by working on its cleaning potential. This research has led us to the development of our flagship product: the "pollution absorbent fiber".

To ensure Green Keeper Africa’s growth and remain competitive, innovation must remain at the core of our actions. Our R&D department has two main objectives: improving existing systems (taking into account customer suggestions) and exploring new opportunities.

How does Green Keeper Africa’s R&D department develop projects?

To achieve reliable and useful results over time, we have developed a decision matrix that takes into account market needs, context, technological challenges and development costs. All of Green Keeper Africa’s departments participate in decision-making and monitor projects’ progress. The company’s dynamics lead to a plethora of ideas that are then sifted through this validation method.

GKA’s products’ development

Innovation can mean improving existing products or designing new products.

Our team is currently studying several research and development topics:

  • Granulation for water hyacinth-based absorbents,
  • Bio-remediation of polluted soils,
  • Eco-materials (insulation)
  • Aquaculture food products
  • Collection of environmental data using low-cost sensors and satellite data

Green Keeper Africa has always collaborated with external partners from all backgrounds. This collaborative development strategy can take the form of alliances or consortia involving research centers, clients and suppliers.

These partners include:

  • The National Water Institute (Benin)
  • The Department of Construction and Architectural Technologies of the Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Space Enabled of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston (USA) ENVAL GROUP (Ivory Coast): Laboratory for Environmental Analysis and Study

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