…a socially responsible company…

Green Keeper Africa’s activity generates a growing economic and social impact through an inclusive economic model.

Since 2015, Green Keeper Africa has been mobilizing the lake communities to harvest water hyacinth on Lake Nokoué and thus creates jobs.

Green Keeper Africa’s harvesting network has grown from a dozen to nearly 1,200 harvesters in 4 years, 85% of whom are women.

Dive into the world of Green Keeper Africa water hyacinth harvesters!

… which has a positive impact on its environment…

The Green Keeper Africa impact assessment report written by SENS (Solidarity Enterprise North-South Enterprise) based on an evalutation in June 2017 highlighted the benefits that water hyacinth harvesters have been able to derive from their collaboration with GKA:

  • An average income obtained from the collection of water hyacinth, which is 31 180F CFA. This income is higher than the minimun wage in the agriculture sector which is 30,000 CFA francs;
  • Better coverage of children’s school fees;
  • Reduced reliance on external resources (loans and other) to cover various expenses and contingencies.

Water hyacinth which was nicknamed by the local communities “Togblé” meaning “the country is spoiled” is now called “Tognon” meaning “the country is good” by water hyacinth harvesters!

… and who innovates with “micro-enterprises”!

The activity of harvesting water hyacinth is seasonal and is conditioned by the salinity of the water.  

Green Keeper Africa develops and implements new activities to enable women to have new sources of income outside the water hyacinth harvesting season. The “micro-enterprises”  are a social innovation launched by Green Keeper Africa in 2017. 

Green Keeper Africa’s activity is helping to turn a environmental hazard into an economic opportunity!

 So Green Keeper Africa :

  1. Generates a social impact within socioeconomically fragile communities by primarily employing women as harvesters.

  2. Contributes to environmental protection and awareness.

  3. Reinforces the credibility of the social enterprise business model.