“Special oil” GKSORB Sock 7.2 x 120 cm

“All-liquids” GKSORB Sock 10 x 300 cm

  • The absorbent sock adapts to any desired shape and configuration thanks to its high flexibility.
  • In prevention: it protects sensitive areas against leaks.
  • In remediation: can be placed around a leaking machine to stop the leak from spreading and to absorb the liquid.

The dimensions of the socks are fully customizable.

GKSORB sock 7.6 x 120 cm
GKSORB sock 10 x 300 cm
Absorption capacityBetween 600 and 1200%Between 600 and 1200%
PackagingPolypropylene and/or honeycombed fabricPolypropylene and/or honeycombed fabric
SizeLength: 120 cm
Width: 7.6 cm
Length: 300 cm
Width: 10 cm
Weight (kg)0.41.3