Transportation Industry

The occupants of vehicles (pick-up, trucks, heavy machinery) equipped with GK-KITS can easily and quickly react to all types of spills (on the road, in a parking…) and thus avoid environmental contaminations.

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Construction Industry

The construction sector is confronted on a daily basis with pollutants spills, whether from engine oil during oil changes or hydraulic fluids in lifting equipment. The appropriate kits help to limit these spills, to save time during construction and to enhance the image of the construction company with its customers.

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Oil Industry

The oil industry is the one sector for which oil spills have the greatest impact, both in terms of corporate responsibility and logistics. Whether in upstream or downstream activities, the lack of local spills response solutions is a major handicap.

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The management of residues or spillages of used motor oil is a daily concern for all garage managers. Our products offer a solution that allows mechanical workshop managers to save valuable time and improve their image with their customers.

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Other Industries

Industries (cement plants, oil mills, food processing plants, etc.) are regularly confronted with spillages (dye, chemicals, paints) or machine tool leaks (hydraulic pumps, pipes, etc.). Green Keeper Africa offers solutions which are adapted to these industries.

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