GK SORB: the very first African sorbent…

Green Keeper Africa has developed an innovative sorbent from water hyacinth.

  • GKSORB is a 100% organic absorbent made by Green Keeper Africa in Benin.
  • GKSORB is capable of encapsulating up to 17 times its weight in hydrocarbons
  • GKSORB is certified by CEDRE
  • GKSORB has no toxicity, on the contrary using it helps to fight against invasive plants while generating a social impact.
  • GKSORB can be incinerated after use, following the regulations regarding the absorbed pollutant .
  • Tested according to AFNOR and ASTM standards.

Discover the efficiency of GKSORB in 2 minutes!

… with a very broad scope of application…

There are many pollution situations where GKSORB fibre can be used:

Fibres GK SORB extraites de la jacinthe d'eau

GK SORB fibers, extracted from water hyacinth

  • oil spills on land or at sea,
  • Acid and various pollutants spills (such as motor oil from industrial machine tools, dyes and paints)…

For even more efficiency, GK SORB is available in two options:

  • “All-liquids” sorbent
  • “Special oil” sorbent

… and made from water hyacinth.

Imported to Africa from the 1890s to decorate ponds, the multiplication of water hyacinth has escaped all control and constitutes a threat to the environment and the local communities. 

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