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The Enterprise
The Enterprise

The power of GREEN KEEPER AFRICA's Hyacinth Fiber is extraordinary! It is a natural fiber with high performance absorption power for all types of liquids from dyes to crude oil and heavy fuel oil. Encapsulation of pollutants is rapid and high-scale. Numerous tests carried out within our laboratory have allowed us to improve the fiber’s quality going from 400% in 2016 to 1700% in 2019, under certain conditions and on certain pollutants.

We have also submitted our products to an independent evaluation carried out by CEDRE, the French international reference body that certifies properties for pollution control products. GKSORB was registered in 2018 on the list of all-liquid absorbers as one of the best performing organic absorbers in its class, thanks to its 1200% certified absorption rate. Here are its characteristics:

  • GKSORB is a 100% organic absorbent

  • GKSORB is capable of encapsulating up to 12 times its hydrocarbon weight

  • GKSORB is certified by @Cedre

  • GKSORB has no toxicity

  • GKSORB helps fight invasive plants while generating social impact

  • GKSORB may be incinerated after use, while ensuring compliance with treated pollutant’s regulations 

  • GKSORB is tested according to AFNOR and ASTM standards.

CSR and impacts

Over the years, thanks to our experience in the field, we have been able to develop a real CSR expertise, which has enabled us to harmoniously combine social, economic and environmental factors. This expertise enables us not only to have a lasting impact within the areas in which we operate, but also to support and advise companies and manufacturers in their CSR commitment. With us, you can be assured of the sustainable and positive impact of your actions and commitment!   Here are our work ‘s concrete results:

Economic Impact

Seasonal water hyacinth harvesting is an important alternative source of income for concerned populations. One of GREEN KEEPER AFRICA’s challenges is precisely to promote in various ways the development of remunerative chains around the "valorization of the water hyacinth" and the exploitation of neglected agro-resources. Through these activities we also intend to support the development of new skills.
The idea is to help people acquire the means to reach their own development. The objective is to create a partnership with local inhabitants, in order to support them in the creation of projects allowing them to meet their social and economic needs. Our "business bubbles" program, a micro-enterprises coaching project by GREEN KEEPER AFRICA, is aimed at:

  • Allowing project leaders to test and improve their products or services and to be accompanied in the development of a common project

  • Supporting them through a pedagogical accompaniment method

  • Helping them develop their entrepreneurial projects

  • Developing their technical skills

Social impact

GREEN KEEPER AFRICA’s project helps in short-term reduction of poverty and gender inequalities in the localities where the activities are implemented

  • Direct employment for women and young people

  • Access to vocational training

  • Better integration of women's work

  • Better access to care, especially for children

  • Better resilience to the cost of living

  • Greater school enrollment of children through income generation

  • Improving collectors’ social image (especially women) in the community

Environmental Impact

Our environmental impact is multi-faceted: upstream, thanks to the reduction of the water hyacinth’s plague and downstream, thanks to the use of eco-designed products, allowing populations and industries to interact more harmoniously with their environment and to reduce their negative impacts.


The power of GREEN KEEPER AFRICA's hyacinth fiber is extraordinary!


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